Why And How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Next to diamonds, makeup could possibly be a girl’s best friend. Women all over the world adore makeup and use it in their everyday lives. There is an amazing amount of various types of make ups all over the world, from every shade of color imaginable. This allows infinite combinations and variety so women across the globe can enjoy the benefits of makeup.

In order to apply makeup, generally one needs a makeup brush. Brushes come in various shapes and sizes and allow different ways to apply the makeup. However, it is also important to understand that makeup is generally a combination of natural and chemical compositions, joined together for safe human application.

Knowing this, it is also important to understand why it is vitally important to keep the makeup brushes clean. Every time a person applies makeup, they generally touch their face, and anytime something comes in contact with human skin, it is a general rule that it transfers bacteria from the skin to whatever is coming in contact with that skin. In this case, it is the makeup brush coming in contact with the skin of the face.

If left alone, and the makeup brush is not cleaned properly, this allows the propagation of bacteria to spread all over the makeup brush, and after awhile, mixed in with the makeup applied to the face, the person is basically applying extra layers of growing bacteria. This is hazardous to one’s health and should be avoided whenever the chance.

Luckily, with consistent upkeep, it is relatively easy to keep makeup brushes clean. Anyone can do it, it’s that simple! First, get some nice warm running water, but don’t make the water too strong, as you want to keep the bristles safe and intact. Next, simply run the bristles under the water for a bit, to get the brush nice and wet.

Here is where we really start to get the brush clean. Take some mild shampoo (if it’s too strong, it could damage the bristles of the brush), and work it into the brush, forming a nice, smooth lather. Once the brush is well lathered, place the brush under the water again. If the water is coming out tinted, it means things are going smoothly, as that tint is all old makeup and subsequently, bacteria and dirt that is leaving the brush.

Now, simply let the brush air dry, and it should be perfectly bacteria free and ready to use as soon as it’s completely dry! Keeping the makeup brush clean is very important for anyone who enjoys makeup and staying healthy. Just following these simple steps will keep bacteria and dirt away from the brush, so nothing but radiant makeup will find its way to the face.

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  1. Great tips! I barely ever clean my brushes and it makes it really hard to do a good makeup application.

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