What Is Shea Butter And Its Uses In Beauty And Skin Care

Shea butter, an age-old remedy, has been around for years. It is a miracle balm that has many different uses. As it is a beauty aid, it also contains healing qualities within in this natural, organic substance. It is a base for medical ointments, with anti-inflammatory properties, along with some other uses.

Found only in Africa, it is extracted from nuts that come from the Shea-Karite tree. It varies in smell, appearance and quality depending on where it is produced at. It carries with it, a deliciously, pleasant scent.

This cream is great for the entire body. The skin is not the only part of you that is benefitted by it, and is also used on the hair, a few other uses that you might not be aware of. It ranges from an anti-aging treatment to a preventative agent. It is considered much higher quality than any other creams on the market.

This cream contains vitamins A, D, and F along with irremovable fatty acids that help renew skin cells. As natural sunscreen, your skin will be protected, along with the aid of other products from the damaging UV rays of the summer sun. If skin has become damaged due to the over-exposure outside, it helps to accelerate healing, and promotes new skin growth. It is a great moisturizer, as well, and is especially good for those extra dry spots on the elbows, heels, knees.

It carries antioxidant properties aiding in the reduction of unsightly stretch marks. It helps heal small skin wounds and cracks. It will even skin tone out, as well as restore the skin’s natural elasticity. With use, it erases wrinkles and helps prevent photo-aging. It eases skin irritation due to shaving, eczema, dermatitis, rashes, poison ivy, and insect bites.

It can be used to cure a dry, itchy scalp, while keeping the strands of your hair from becoming tangled. It will give you a boost of intense shine to your locks. And if that isn’t enough, it will help it to grow long and healthy, preventing breakage. On days when frizz sets in, this is great to use to smooth it down. It also adds protection from damaging elements.

Muscle injuries can benefit from having this cream applied as it can help them to heal much faster. It eliminates toxins from the body, helps aid the healing of eczema, cold sores and rheumatism. Surprisingly it also is a natural nasal decongestant.

Shea butter is recommended for many skin issues, hair problems, and overall body ailments. There is no expiration date for the shelf life, so it lasts as long as you make it last. In its purest, unrefined form, it is one of the most inexpensive beauty products on the market today. Just a little amount on the trouble areas goes a long way.

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  1. Wow I didn’t realize there were so many uses for Shea Butter! I will have to give it a try on my hair this summer on really frizzy days!

  2. Great skin care tips! I love shea butter products and I didn’t know everything about it that you have posted here today :)

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