Prevent Hair Loss With Folic Acid

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Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t wait for the time to come before you act upon on something. When it comes to your hair, it must not be taken for granted because hair is one of the great factors which bring beauty to a person. It has been the tradition of the women to have their hair beautiful every time. And honestly, a woman with a beautiful hair is so hard to resist. And so, before your hair starts to fall out from your head, where it should belong, take sometime to take care of it everyday so as to prevent hair loss problems. When hair loss comes, it is very hard to cure because it takes time to regain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients for the hair. Before you can have all these elements, all your hair are gone. So do not be complaisant to say that your hair is healthy because hair loss problems are like thieves which you do not know when to come.

There are so few vitamins for hair. Vitamins like biotin or vitamin B7, insitol, niacin or vitamin B12, vitamin B3, B6 and vitamin C are the kinds which do something good for the hair and the scalp. The rest of the vitamins cannot do something good for the hair. So you better know what vitamins to take when you have hair problems.

Another vitamin which is not mentioned above is the folic acid. It is also very essential to your hair and scalp because it helps prevent and cure hair loss problems. Well, it does not just cure and prevent hair loss, it also prevent any hair problems in the future. So taking in this kind of vitamin is not just for present use but also for the future because its effects are not like any other vitamins that would just last a day. Folic acid’s effect would last a very long time.

Folic acid is not just taking care of the hair but primarily takes care of the scalp where the hair grows. It main function is to keep the scalp as healthy as possible to prevent the hair from falling down. Just like biotin, folic acid helps in regenerating healthy cells in the scalp. It also helps in the metabolism of the body to get rid of the toxins found inside it. Folic acid has also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects which could cure dandruff-related problems or eczema. Here is how it works:

If the scalp is developing dandruff, folic acid tries to neutralize bacterial and fungal activities. Being an acid, it has a great effect on the growth of the said micro organism. These organisms could easily be paralyzed be this folic acid. However, when there are bacterial and fungal activities in the scalp, it is normal that some cells will be corrupted. Folic acid will help in killing the infected cells. These infected cells will soon because a white flake in which we call dandruff. Once the cell is fallen off the scalp, folic acid will help is producing another cell which is healthy and less vulnerable to bacteria or fungi. Therefore, hair follicles will become healthy when there is enough folic acid taken. And that is how folic acid works for the scalp. And for the knowledge of everyone, enough should only be enough. Not too much.

Folic acid’s activities don’t stop in the scalp, they continue up to the end of every hair. Primarily, folic acid goes with biotin. Both of them will help in the production of keratin. Keratin is the main source of life for the hair. Without keratin, hair is weak, brittle and would easily be fallen off the scalp. With the help of folic acid, keratin will be abundant in the hair. Therefore, making the hair blacker, stronger and healthy. It is also logical that a healthy scalp would always produce a healthy hair. And so folic acid’s effects are doubled; it keeps the scalp healthy to produce a healthy hair and protects that hair to stay healthy and beautiful all the time.

Now, knowing the capabilities of folic acid, you must know where to get it. Folic acid can be found in so many foods, ordinary or special, but it can be abundantly found in soybeans and nuts. However, if you don’t like any of the foods which contain folic acid, you buy some supplements over the counter.

So when you notice that your hair is so dry, weak and brittle, it could be that you lack folic acid intake. You must act immediately or you will suffer from the unpleasant effects of hair loss. Seriously, hair loss problems should not be the kind of problem that you will take for granted because you hair is very important to have your face a beautiful figure to look at. Dandruff and other scalp-related problems need immediate action because scalp is the one which holds your hair where it belongs.

However, not all hair loss problems are caused by folic acid deficiency. Therefore, it is always advisable to visit your doctor for some professional advise about your problems if you have some. And that, vitamins should always be taken in moderation. Too much vitamins could also destroy your good health so be careful.

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