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Oriflame very me eye shadow applicators review and photos

I have never been a fan of applicators until I saw these, the cute polka dots packaging lured me into buying them. These applicators are far more good than the ones I have tried previously, these are dual sided. The more rounded head is for applying color all over the eyelid, whereas the tapered head is for more precise application in the crease area. Light-weight, easy to carry in your purse (you don’t need special pouches or worry about the bristles been damaged), very cheap (so that you can throw and get new ones when required) makes them a good deal over brushes. I love my brushes but these too have found a place for themselves in my makeup stash.

One thought on “Oriflame very me eye shadow applicators review and photos

  1. I am not very strict with my brushes and eye shadow applicators at all so my review would be a little bit lenient. I have no complaint so far with this Oriflame eye shadow applicator because they did like how most eye shadow applicator does.

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