Oriflame giordani gold bronzing pearls review, photos and swatches

Oriflame giordani gold bronzing pearls are 25g each and come in two variations, “Natural radiance” and “Natural bronze”. Each Bronzing pearl variation has pearls in different hues of colour. “Natural radiance” has pearls in cream, brown, gold, coral and pink. “Natural bronze” has pearls in yellow and shades of brown, such as chocolatey browns and some coral-browns. The colors are beautiful. “Natural radiance” is a beautiful rosy blusher and “Natural bronze” is a beautiful chocolatey brown bronzer/contouring powder. These are not matte. These have a very fine micronised light reflecting glitter, which gives a radiance and the finish looks almost satiny.

“Natural radiance” gives my cheeks “all day rosy glow”, my cheeks look healthy and flushed, the color is a gorgeous rosy pink. It will suit almost all skin complexions. “Natural bronze” is perfect, neither orangey or muddy, it gives a natural glow and warmth to the skin. I use it to contour and sculpt my cheekbones because it looks so amazingly natural. It can give a light glow or deep bronze color depending on how much you apply.

These colors give a nice flush of color to the skin, you can also build up the color for more intensity. The staying power is awesome. I am in love with these pearls and the golden flip-open jar is just cute and beautiful.

Use a nice fluffy brush and swirl it around to pick up the right amount of product, tap a bit in the jar to remove excess and swipe it across your cheeks or temples.

The mirror is good and big enough. A circular foam covering the pearls holds them intact and in place, so that they do not squash against each other and also prevents any powder spillage or mess of any kind. I am quite happy that my pearls still retain their circular shape even after years of use.

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