Madonna’s beauty secrets and tips

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An Insight Into Madonna’s Secrets That Keep Her Looking Young and Energetic

Madonna’s Beauty Secrets

Madonna is a beautiful singer actress and model all combined as one. She is also a mother of three. She has many secrets to keeping her beauty in tact at the age of fifty. She works out on a daily basis; she sleeps and eats healthy food. She completely avoids any kind of junk food because it can create skin that is oily and unhealthy.

Healthy exercise routine

Madonna has a disciplined exercise routine. Since the age of twenty she has kept up with her regular exercises. She has a very fit body that has resulted with he disciplined workout. She is super toned and she works out nearly three hours per day doing Ashtanga which is a difficult form of yoga. Apart from yoga she is also one who practices the discipline of Pilates regularly. She also loves to swim, cycle, and lift weights. She loves exercise machines and has a Cardio Wave and a power plate. Not only does her exercise play a significant role in her fitness, she also ensures that diet is equally important. She believes that when regular cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercises are done regularly serious health complications such as heart disease and cancer can be minimized or even avoided and bone density is preserved.

She knows how to balance and match her exercise activities around that allows her to gain the energy and remarkable stamina to get through her regular routine. Though Madonna may have a lot stamina and energy to run, cycle, jog and do all the things she does, most of us may not be able to do half of what she is capable at her age. But it is a good plan to have a few activities scheduled for a week which eventually lays the foundation for a good fitness program.

Madonna is a multi trainer which is why she continues to remain fit while aging. She makes use of sports such as dancing, weight training, spinning, boxing, yoga, pilates, running, skipping, dancing and so on to help her body trim and remain fit and healthy. This helps your body to respond positively becasuse you change your workout daily and reduces the potential for injury from overuse of one form of exercise.

Healthy diet

Madonna maintains a strict macrobiotic diet which consists only of organic vegetables and fruits, grain and natural sugars. She rarely visits restaurants since she says “You can never be entirely sure what’s on your plate”. She prefers to be in control of the food she consumes. She loves Japanese food and once while in Japan she mentioned to the journalists there, that she probably eats more Japanese food than the Japanese themselves.

Healthy Skincare

Madonna has gorgeous skin and she has managed to maintain glowing skin because she completely avoids going in the sun. She also does not smoke and drink since this can hurt the skin. Madonna has a favorite moisturizer known as Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream. This cream consists of all natural herbs to rejuvenate skin and assist in maintaining its level of moisturizing which counterattacks the natural process of aging. She nourishes her skin by using another face mist known as Dr Hauschka facial Toner which refreshes and rebalances the face during the entire day.

Madonna loves the anti aging cream known as Dr Brandt R3P cream – which is a formula combining three polypeptides that is quite intense anti-aging formula in keeping her skin as fresh and young as she looks. This is what makes Madonna at fifty look ten years younger.

Madonna also loves the Israeli Laline skincare product line. Even though she can buy creams which are more expensive than the Israeli products, she prefers these creams to most others. Madonna practices Kabbalah with reverence. Once when her Kabbalah mentor Karen Berg introduced her to this special cream made up of minerals and natural salts found in the Dead Sea that she can use to keep wrinkles away she went for it in a big way and apparently proclaims it has powers that are extraordinary to rejuvenate skin. Madonna now uses this cream all day.

Madonna’s oxygen facials

Madonna frequently uses a facial known as the 02 Intraceutical Treatment. This treatment is better known as oxygen facial also helps lessen wrinkles, fine lines and assist in improving the tone of the skin. It instantly firms the skin by using the technology called hyperbaric technology which saturates the skin with oxygen and infuse it with rejuvenating hyaluronic acid serum.

The method of using this oxygen facial is quite simple. First a natural solution must be used to lessen fine lines. This is made of amino acids and hexapeptides. This solution is applied onto the skin using the hyperbaric technology which adds a bit of pressure when applying the oxygen. The treatment must be used especially around the nasal fold, the eyes and between the eyebrows. The next step is rejuvenating the skin using the rejuvenating treatment which helps the skin to hydrate, glow and be ready to take makeup. Madonna has lovely skin, almost porcelain like. This treatment is useful when travelling by air, since it can make a person seem dehydrated.

Madonna has an oxygen machine in all of her homes. Her favorite one is Intraceuticals. This is one treatment that works well for her. It is important to maintain the use of serum on combination with this treatment. This serum combination consists of Vitamin in the form of A, C and E to allow moisture to remain on the skin. The product line of the Intraceuticals is essential to use once the treatment is completed. The binding of moisture can be maintained with the use of this product. Madonna also uses the Atoxelene Line Wand and Rejuvenate Hydration gel. She supposedly keeps this in a bottle and uses it throughout the day.

Madonna’s make up

Madonna’s make up is simple. She doesn’t go for anything too fancy. She uses pink gloss and bold eyeliner and false lashes. She prefers to simply look natural rather than made up. Her makeup artist uses only a concealor on her and does not use powder and foundation which she says only accentuates the fine lines.

Madonna uses false eyelashes to make her eyes look larger.

Madonna initially curls her eyelashes. Apply mascara – Mascara allows the eyelashes to last longer. They should fit the eyes perfectly, so the cutting must be done precisely. The cutting must start from the inside rather than the outside. Use a brush or pencil and wrap the eyelash around and leave it for a couple of minutes. This will give a nice curved look to the lash. Lash adhesive can be used with the help of tweezers to apply it on the eyelashes. The eyelashes must then be allowed to dry for a few minutes before using liquid liner.

Careful consideration must be given when using eye shadow and lipstick in combination with false eyelashes. This totally depends on the situation. Today many women wear false eyelashes combined with lovely pink gloss. This gives a fresh look. During an evening it is possible to be more adventurous with your makeup, for example a chic look can be created using bold colored eye shadow. Take a look at madonna.com to come up with a fancy look.

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