Jennifer Aniston’s beauty secrets and tips

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty secrets and tips

Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston looks so gorgeous? Well it doesn’t come without some concentrated effort. I don’t have to tell you that looking like a celebrity takes a lot of hard work and dedication although it seems that it has been done with no effort what so ever.

Let’s start from the simpler things, like her make up and her toiletries. Can you believe that she uses a $2.75 bar of Neutrogena soap which she used since she was a child? Besides that she also likes to use the products of Dr. Hauscka; lip balm and mascara, Foundation by Chantecaille and Vino Perfect day moisturizer by Caudalie (www.caudali.fr), Dinner for Two nail varnish by O.P.I. in beige gold.

You don’t get skin like Jennifer’s if you don’t drink a lot of water daily, two liters to be precise and that’s her secret therapy for a flawless skin.

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Jennifer Aniston’s makeup

You must have noticed that she goes for that all natural look most of the time. Yes, she likes to keep it natural. But she catches the attention by focusing on her eyes with black-brown mascara and black eyeliner. She also likes the soft and undefined look by keeping her lips very subtle and looking very fresh.

The 40 year old actress uses two different shades of blusher to make her skin look young. She uses a soft pinky tone matte powder blush that is long-lasting as a base color adding warmth to her honey complexion.

She also uses a cream blush which is shimmery and helps in emphasizing the shape of her long face. But she uses it very sparingly so that it goes with the pale pink on her cheekbone, catching the light and distracting the attention away from wrinkles.. The application of powder should also be very light so that her skin will look young and fresh without the tired look. Even too much highlighter will give the skin a greasy and shiny appearance without distracting the light away from the wrinkles – which it’s supposed to do.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair secrets

Jennifer Aniston’s hair in the second season of friends was the talk of the town. It has even been voted the most popular hair cut of all time. She went for a long, sleek and sexy look in her role as Rachel. That hair cut was what made Jennifer a beauty icon.

Let’s get to the color. Jennifer is a brunette and she’s got beach blond streaks and golden highlights done to give it a glow. If you want hair like Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) then you need to lighten the shade of your hair to a light, golden brown if you have dark hair and then do the highlight as she has.

Now to the styling, you will need a styling iron and a blow drier fitted with a diffuser. I know if must sound good to you, because the hair doesn’t take much effort. If you have straight hair, you will need to apply some mouse into it, and then blow dry it with the diffuser and then scrunching it up while you dry it usually from the roots to the ends. After you properly define the strands of hair, use the barrel of the iron to wrap them around. Use a spray or shine serum for a more natural looking finish.

Jennifer Aniston’s diet secrets

Jennifer Aniston goes on a very strict diet. And you wonder how she gets that perfect body that looks good in absolutely anything. Not easy! She eats plenty of salads. And she says that if you are feeling like putting on weight you need to replace food like pasta with more vegetables. She also eats a lot of lettuce wraps and smoked turkey. Basically low carb foods! Regular intakes of fruits are also good for your body, especially blueberries since they are low on sugar. Also have things like salsa, corn chips, and guacamole regularly.
Let’s consider the ratio – carbs 40%, fat 30%, protein 30% and a fresh glass of lemon juice every morning.

Jennifer Aniston’s exercise and workout routine

She does yoga and Pilates for two hours four – five days a week. Walking with her dog on the beach is also a routine with her and Budokun – a mix of martial arts and yoga. The actress says, “It’s a workout and a meditation”.

She spends another 30-45 minutes on the treadmill and lifts free weights everyday. Celebrities also use Indian and Chinese herbal teas and supplements for cellulite.

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