How to Prevent the Underarms from smelling Bad and Keep Them Smelling Clean and fresh for hours

People who suffer from underarm odor are desperate to eliminate their problem completely because it embarrassing and humiliating. The good thing is, there are a lot of ways to eliminate the odor and keep your underarms smelling fresh all the time.

The primary cause of odor is the sweat. So the best way to keep your underarms from smelling bad is to keep your sweat under control. Below are a few remedies –

1) The most common and simplest remedy is to take a bath everyday and wash your underarms with soap and water twice.
2) After bath dust some talcum powder under your arms. Talcs help to keep your underarms smelling fresh by absorbing excessive sweat and giving a light fragrance to the body, reapply in afternoon or evening in case of excessive sweating.
3) If you donot prefer talcum powders, use facial wipes to wipe your underarms. Facial wipes have cleansers and are delicately fragranced which gently wipe away dirt and bacteria. There is no need to use a wipe right after bathing, use it in afternoon or evening to wipe away the sweat.
4) However, most people are satisfied with the most convenient way to eliminate underarm odor, the use of deodorant. There are no bad things about the use of deodorant but it does not really eliminate the odor to its root. Deodorant just masks the odor with an artificial fragrance that would last only for hours. There are those people whose body odor cannot be masked by deodorant. Using a deo on excessively sweated, unclean underarm will result in a bad smelling fragrance. So, it would be better to use a deo right after bathing, in afternoon or evening time, first clean your armpits with a facial wipe and then use deo to freshen up.

The second cause of odor is the underarm hair.
Trimming or shaving underarm hair can help reduce armpit odor. The hair trap bacteria and dead skin that become wet due to sweat causing bad odor. Removing armpit hair reduces the intensity of odor to a large extent.

The third cause of odor is wearing unwashed clothes.
You should wash your clothes daily to help prevent the annoying underarm odor. Using unwashed clothes which have absorbed your sweat when you wore last time will only make you stink. It also is advisable to use fabrics like cotton because they help absorb sweat rather than using synthetic clothes like nylon and polyester rayon.

The fourth cause of odor is internal toxins.
Drink enough water to flush out the toxins from your system. When toxins are present in your system because you drink less water they make your body smell bad.

There are other remedies to eliminate underarm odor. The following are the natural antiperspirants:

1. Witch hazel: If wiped into the underarm, it totally eliminates the odor and preserve the freshness of the fragrance.

2. Apple cider vinegar: It also eliminates underarm odor just soaking a cotton ball and apply it rather than using deodorant. The smell of the vinegar will be gone in minutes.

3. Baking soda: Applying it to a dry underarm will absorb the odor and will kill bacteria. Or you can use cornstarch mixed with a little baking soda and apply the mixture in a dry underarm.

4. Drinking sage herb tea everyday will give long lasting, odor-free underarm. The tea does not give fragrance nor kill bacteria but it stops the production of sweat. Mix two tea bags with 1 teaspoon of dried sage, add hot water and you have the tea.

5. Turnip juice is also very effective in reducing and eliminating underarm odor. Just grate the turnip and squeeze until the juice comes out. Wash your underarm thoroughly and rub the juice of the turnip.

6. Eating wheat grass combined with water will help eliminate underarm odor naturally. Chlorophyll does the trick in this kind of remedy.

7. You can also dilute small amount of rosemary oil in a glass of water and use as natural and effective deodorant that will last for two days.

8. Radish juice mixed with 1/4 teaspoon glycerin is a good underarm deodorant with a long-lasting effect.

However, if you still want to use artificial deodorants or antiperspirants, make sure that the substances used will not react on your skin because there are those products that cause skin irritation that would often lead to some serious problems.

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  1. I tried celeteque facial toner WITH WITCH HAZEL extract (it is alcohol free!!!) :) it works! I applied it noon and afternoon before I leave the office. It is always with me as well as my cotton balls.. and instead of using commercial deodorants I made my own, baking soda in aloe vera water with some lime juice extract and yes! witch hazel extract and lavender fragrance oil :) my plan was just to whiten my underarm it didn’t occur to me that it can eliminate the bad odor :D :yahoo:

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