How to prevent Sleep lines

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I always sleep on one side with my face pressed against my pillow. I am starting to wrinkle on the pillow side. Does sleeping in this manner cause wrinkles?
The answer is “Yes”.

We all want to look fresh and rejuvenated in the morning, but the pillow marks on our face just don’t would not go away. But then what is it the cause sleep lines on a fresh new morning?
We all may have different patterns of sleeping but one thing is common to all – the pillows. We all like to cuddle to our pillows and bury our head in them after a daylong grueling work. You may find this comfortable but sleep wrinkles are caused due to sleeping with your face against a pillow. Pressing your face against a hard pillow cause creases on your skin and when this action is repeated night after night the creases take the form of permanent lines.

Why are sleep lines so prominent?
Consider the fact that most of one’s life is spent sleeping. So if you sleep for 8 hours a day you have spent 1/3 of your life sleeping.

Sleep lines are formed over years depending on your sleeping position. So to avoid formation of sleep lines change your sleeping position frequently. Those who sleep with face upward means on the back develop no sleep lines.

Avoid hard cotton pillows-
We generally use cotton pillows, which has tendency to crease and take a shape whenever it is pressed in a certain way. When we sleep on a hard pillows with either our face facing down or sideways then our skin is stretched and pulled in the direction in which it faces pressure. This pressure cause folds and creases which with a long duration spent on pillow pressurizes our skin and leaves a depression, which we call as sleep lines. Use a soft and fluffy pillow that is able to fluff and squish. this pillow being soft eliminates unwanted pressure on the skin thereby preventing creases and folds.

Use satin pillow cases-
Cotton pillow cases do not allow your skin to glide through the surface smoothly.They also takes away the natural oil and moisture from your skin and hair, due to this moisture loss the skin becomes dry and ages much quickly.
Use satin or synthetic cloth as your pillow covers. After all, comfort matters and so does your looks, right!

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One thought on “How to prevent Sleep lines

  1. I am hopelessly stuck on side sleeping. I get these awful lines and creases down my chest in the morning. I have been using a chest saver for a few nights now and it has made a huge improvement. I think a new pillow will be next then I should wake up looking like a teenager! :)

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