Gramflour 2 spoons

Homemade gramflour yoghurt facepack recipe and photos

This pack has been used for generations in India for all the ingredients are readily available in the kitchen plus it does wonders to the skin. Gramflour is a wonderful cleansing agent. Yogurt contains lactic acid (AHA) and vitamin B complex that helps to smooth rough, blemished skin.

You will need –
2 spoons of gramflour
one or two pinches of turmeric
1 spoon of honey

Application time 10 to 15 mins (avoid eye area). Rinse with plain water.

Take 2 spoons of gramflour.

Add one or two pinches of turmeric to it.

Add 1 spoon of honey to it.

Add yoghurt to make a desired consistancy.

Mix and your homemade gramflour yoghurt facepack is ready.

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