Dr Oz Skin Care Products – Eye Creams, Face Lift & Moisturizers by Dr Oz

Dr Oz Skin Care Products – Eye Creams, Face Lift & Moisturizers by Dr Oz

Dr Oz Skin Care Products – Eye Creams, Face Lift & Moisturizers by Dr Oz
By Suze Wilson

Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon and a fitness expert. He generally recommends products with vitamin-A (retinol), vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), vitamin-E Tocopherol as well as niacin. He also suggests to wear sunscreen daily which helps to protect skin.

Dr. Oz reveals that the greatest aging factor is stress. One must reduce his stress to look more charming. There are certain foods that will help to reduce stress and aging extremely well. Fruits and vegetables which are rich in anti-oxidants can boost your immune system and fights against stress.

An anti-wrinkle eye cream helps to eliminate dark circles around the eyes, puffiness under the eyes and blemishes. People use these creams to look younger and confident. But it should not be used daily as the skin around is very thin and can have serious consequences.

There are many eye creams that are recommended by DR. Mehmet OZ:

· Kiehl light nourishing eye cream.

· Neutrogena healthy skin anti-wrinkle intensive night cream.

· Kate Somerville line release under eye repair.

There are lots of moisturizing lotions in the market, however, most of these only makes it moist while it is being applied. Mostly products contains collagen and elastin as ingredients which is very beneficial for the skin.

Moisturizers suggested by DR. Mehmet OZ:

· Jason natural ester-c lotion anti-oxidant regenerating moisturizer

· Clinique moisture in-control oil-free lotion

· Prescriptive intensive rebuilding lotion

· M.A.C. strobe cream-This is a good moisturizer for boosting radiance and a glow to your skin

Face lift creams is very popular to make you feel younger. It not only helps to reveal new skin, but also moisturizes your tissues. It also helps to eliminate uneven corners around mouth and eyes other than removing spots quickly . Wrinkles can be fade and dark circles around the eyes will also vanish.

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  1. I have been looking for a good face foundation.
    Dr.Oz recommends one with Vit. E , Vit. C and fragrance free,oil free.
    I have been looking everywhere for a foundation with these products with different opinions. Can you please recommend a good , safe foundation.
    Thank You

  2. Please can Dr. Oz address the issue of the skin under the eyes?

  3. marisol ramos

    June 23, 2011 at 2:23 am

    what is the best product for a tighter skin (face)

  4. What does dr oz use for puffy bags under his eyes.

  5. On today show you had a Dr that said there was a eyeshadow to lift
    the eye lids and I did not get the name of that company

  6. I use great face product very expensive yet I see flaky patches when I look carefully
    What can I Do ?

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